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Brent Benoit   Canby, OR

My son Skyler and I have been racing together in one way or another for the last 6 years.  I own and operate a machine shop in the Portland area Benoit Machine.  We manufacture a wide variety of parts from dental equipment to custom brake parts for race cars and many motorcycle and kart racing products.

I have always had a love for motorcycles. Some of my first memories were riding on my granddad\’s dirt bike when I was a kid.  My mom worked as a RN in the emergency room at a hospital so I wasn’t allowed to have a bike until I could buy one for myself.  I finally got a dirt bike when I was 12, a 1979 YZ125. I did a lot of trail riding. When I was 16 my mom helped me buy a Honda CM250 to ride to school.

Back in 1988 at the ripe age of 19 I was able to scrape together enough money to buy a brand new Yamaha RZ350 and took it straight to the track and started racing novice. Back then that was the only way you could get on the track. I had to retire after a few seasons of racing novice when my first child was born. I still rode on the street but I couldn’t afford to race.

I  returned to the track in 2007 and started riding track days, Wow that was a lot of fun ! I returned to racing in 2008 and have a couple of 2nd or 3rd place class championships in the senior classes. Nothing to brag about, but I have really enjoyed the sport and the people.

I joined Motofit in 2012 and discovered that I really enjoy helping people gain skills that will help them on the track as well as on the street.  I find a lot of joy in hearing people tell me: \’I was nervous about riding on the track, but after working with you I have gained the skills it takes to be comfortable and really enjoy the track\’.

I must say Motofit has the most fun at the track and that is what motorcycles are all about.

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John Halunen

I somehow managed to be both an early starter and later bloomer. My first experiences on two wheels were on my mother’s Lambretta scooter (as passenger, long before I was walking). First experience as pilot in command was my father’s Bultaco 175 not long after (but long before I could reach the footpegs, never mind the ground). I got my first dirtbike (a DT80) at age 12 and rode off road thru high school, then started racing bicycles in college. I moved up thru the amateur cycling ranks by doing well in criteriums (tight, closed circuit races) that put a premium on cornering and sprinting technique (and leg power), not so different than what we do on motorcycles. I got my first street legal motorcycle a few years after getting out of college. I did my first track day in 2007 and started riding with MotoFit on their first day at ORP in 2009 and it stuck. I’ve been instructing for a few years now, and last year I started teaching our Green group classes. I look forward to riding with you, and please don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is any way we can help!

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Michael Heidenreich  Bend, OR

I began twisting throttle at age 35 after mastering several non-motorized sports. My early career was mostly with running where I was a top regional marathoner and also as a cyclist. Later on I ski raced with an elite development team and then moved on to windsurfing and won a national championship in 2005 after a week of flat out course racing in Hood River, Oregon. Seeking more ways to enjoy the excitement of being fast, I decided to attempt motorcycling and was quickly motivated to find the track. After a couple of so-so days with other track day organizations I hooked up with MotoFit and then rapidly caught on with the significant help of Rob and the other coaches. Today, I use my depth of understanding around rider body mechanics, mental preparation and machine to help others tap into their potential when they come to track with MFG. I look forward to seeing you this year!

Patrick McGill   Camas, WA

Like most enthusiasts, I have been riding and racing since I was 5 or 6 years old, starting out on pee-wee motocross (and BMX), racing into the junior regional ranks in the 80’s. In the late 90’s, I got a big, heavy, slovenly road bike and loved it!  After about three weeks, I realized I needed something sleeker, faster and more nimble, so I bought my first real road racer.  Within 6 months I did my first track day, and by the beginning of the following year I was on a new Italian machine and going through OMRRA and WSMC novice race school.  1999 I raced OMRA, WMRRA, and WSMC all year, and did so for the subsequent 5-6 years.  By this time, I was Novice school instructing and working with younger racers. As it turns out; as fun as the racing was, I really enjoyed the teaching. Less stress, more fun, way less money and seemingly less risk to my body.

I have come to realize that leading, instructing and teaching is a part of my life professionally, and as a proud parent and a MotoFit Instructor.  Educated in math and science, my approach to proficient motorcycling is not too different from my approach to business. “That which gets measured, gets managed”. A careful approach of small incremental changes while focusing on the bigger picture is how I have derived a relatively proficient sense of control on two wheels. I say that anyone can grow to a level of relative proficiency in this sport if they are willing to take the time, own the educational process and be honest with themselves.

Separate of these track days, you might find me riding wheelies down gravel roads in the hills, tearing across the desert or out at one of the local motocross tracks on a four stroke dirt bike or cross country riding on mountain bike.  I also Ski, Kayak and a few other sports I have no time to cram in…Although now that I have found out how much more traction you get with four tires on the track…who knows what might be next.

Galen Cook   Corvallis, OR

Age: 35  Occupation: R&D Engineer at HP

What you might not know about Galen: Loves speed on a bike, but is terrified of driving fast in cars (he literally screams “make it stop!”). Proud father of 3 (dogs). Dislikes all forms of exercise.

Galen is a long-time friend of MotoFit and a racer of many things motorcycle. From enduro’s and motocross to road racing and supermoto, he’s tried them all. What he’s found, however, is that nothing beats a trackday…”More Smiles Per Mile!” as a wise man says J

Galen is a strong advocate of riding smooth and being predictable. These skills create a safe environment that allows you to enjoy your day while letting others focus on enjoying their day. One of Galen’s primary goals as an instructor is to focus on how to go faster while at the same time finding ways to reduce risk. Please come and find Galen at your next MotoFit day — he’d be happy to help you find that key piece of advice to simplify and improve your track sessions for many years to come!

Dave Cook  Corvallis, OR

Age: 63  Occupation: (Retired) Electrical/Software Engineer at HP

What you might not know about Dave: Has broken almost every bone in his body, state class championships in offroad motorcycle and mountain bike racing (cause of broken bones), father of fellow rider coach Galen Cook, lovingly nicknamed “Pops”, is usually the guy who shows fellow coach Chris “Partner” Leonard a wheel during the last session of the day where we’re all “just going out to take it easy” – turning that session into an all-out barn burner.

Dave has been riding dirt bikes for over 50 years. As an accomplished offroad rider in both motocross and enduros, he has learned things the hard way far too often. J He is now one of the smoothest riders you will ever see!

After spending 50 years of his life thinking road-going motorcycles were for the birds, Dave finally gave a 1999 YZF-600R a try… which he completely hated. It wasn’t until his best friend showed him what counter-steering was that he finally fell in love with the sport. Within a couple years Dave and his son Galen were racing in the Oregon and Washington series. Between race weekends his group of 4-5 riding buddies would travel to nearly every race track within 20 hours drive, quickly discovering that trackdays provided more riding time, safer conditions, and all the fun of putting in fast laps with his friends…and that’s what he’s been doing for the last 10 years.

Dave is literally one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He’s 63 going on 23, keeps himself in great shape, and loves to chat. If you don’t want to chat, then do NOT say hi to Dave. J As an instructor, Dave is a great listener, very patient and truly loves to help people improve their riding. For the folks who get “Pops” as an instructor, in addition to the great skills and technical advice, know that you will have also made a friend for life.

Jenny Besaw

MotoFit Group Steve Hildum

Steve Hildum

MotoFit Group Pat

Fast Pat – Whistler, Canada

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Martin Rentaria   Camas, WA

You can say I was a late bloomer when it came to getting my first Moto.   I had been saving my money to buy her.  I did not know who she was till I thought I had enough.  Grabbed a copy of the Penny Saver and made a call to the person selling my first true love.

One problem.  I was 17 never had ridden a motorbike other than my sisters RAV scooter and had to pick it up in Santa Barbara.  About 60 miles from where I lived.  Asked my pops for a ride, did some tire kicking and hopped on my new beast.  A SUZUKI KATANA, that spent most of its life at the SHOP.  Did I mention I was in love.

Through the years I have owned a few bikes. Ducati ss750, a couple TLs, zx10r, Gixxer 1000, RC51, Monster and like many out there learned to ride the HARD way.  Ouch!  I did it all, but the one thing that I was missing was someone that would take interest in my survival. I was lucky to have survived the streets of LA and San Jose with just me and a copy of a best seller TWIST of THE WRIST.

I truly believe that confidence and knowing your equipment will save your life.  So now I try to be there for those who want to learn more about their equipment(their girl).  I want to be there for as many folks as possible cause I know I can make a difference and it really sucked no one was there for me.

In the summer I enjoy taking/leading my friends through the beautiful roads of Oregon and Washington sometimes 30 to 40 deep.  I really enjoy passing what I know to anyone and everyone who is willing to invest in their safety and life preservation off the track or on the track with the MOTOFIT GROUP!  More Smiles Per Mile!

Look for me, I will be glad to help out anyway possible.  If not anything else just to say Hi.  I ride anything with two wheels but at the track my Rizla Color Suzuki makes me smile.

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Jonny has been riding motorcycles since he was 15 years old. After owning many different types of on and off road motorcycles, Jonny turned his love for motorycles into his work as a motorcycle officer in 2004. Jonny has raced with OMRRA and earned the Top Novice Award in 2009. Jonny currently instructs new motor officers for the Central Oregon Basic Motor Officer School and has been a MotoFit rider instructor since 2010.

“As a instructor, my goal is to help those who wish to improve on their riding skills, by offering a positive and safe learning environment. That is the Motofit Group.” – Jonny Dickson

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