2018 Registration Is Open

We are proud to open registration for the upcoming season. To register for any (or all) of our MotoFit Group Track Days, click here: Register

We will be hosting three weekends at Oregon Raceway park this season. Oregon Raceway Park has been called the “field of dreams of racetracks”, and it is. There are sixteen corners in 2.3 miles with over four hundred feet of elevation change per lap. In my opinion, ORP is one of the finest teaching tracks in the country and affords everyone who rides it the opportunity to improve their skills by virtue of this courses dynamic nature. We run this track CW and CCW which needless to say, presents riders of all ability levels a fun challenge that always pays huge dividends.

We will also be hosting one weekend at The Ridge Motorsports Park, located in Shelton Washington. The Ridge is the best fast and flowing track in the Northwest. Designed by renowned roadcourse engineer, Steve Crawford, The Ridge brings elements of Thunderhill to the Northwest, surrounded by a landscape that enhances your visibility throughout the day. 2.47 miles with 16 corners, 300′ of elevation change and a measured 40′ width gives everyone an experience that is both compelling and riveting at the same time.

Hope you can make it out this year!

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Scott Zagarino2018 Registration Is Open

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  1. Matt Snipes

    I just did my first track day ever last weekend & what an experience! Rob & Kara you guys are great! All your instructors were awesome! I learned so much the first day & was able to put it all together the next.
    I had a great time & can’t wait to do it again!
    Thank you, you guys really put on an awesome event!

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