Some Experiences Need To Be Lived

I began twisting throttle at age 35 after mastering several non-motorized sports. My early career was mostly with running where I was a top regional marathoner and also as a cyclist. Later on I ski raced with an elite development team and then moved on to windsurfing and won a national championship in 2005 after a week of flat out course racing in Hood River, Oregon. Seeking more ways to enjoy the excitement of being fast, I decided to attempt motorcycling and was quickly motivated to find the track. After a couple of so-so days with other track day organizations I hooked up with MotoFit and then rapidly caught on with the significant help of Rob and the other coaches. Today, I use my depth of understanding around rider body mechanics, mental preparation and machine to help others tap into their potential when they come to track with MFG. I look forward to seeing you this year!


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Rob BurchSome Experiences Need To Be Lived

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  1. Bob Greene

    Todd Webb once told me that driving a Porsche 917 was just like driving any other car, they put bigger brakes on them.

    RIP, Todd

  2. Brian Dernbach

    Just got back from an extremely fun filled 3 days at Thunderhill Raceway. My time would not have been near the awesome experience without the help and direction of Rob Burch. (Owner of MotoFit Group) These 3 track days were put on by other organizations, but it was Rob that personally took me under his wing and gave me tons of 1 on 1 help. This may not seem like a big deal except for the fact that I was in the intermediate group. Nowhere near as accomplished rider as Rob. He paid the same price as I did to ride and have a blast with his other “fast” friends and yet decided to help me instead. Rob is a true friend, mentor, and business owner. He really cares and wants “everyone “to learn to be the best, safest rider possible. If you want the best training/coaching available (imo) then sign up for a day with MotoFit. Rob, you went above and beyond brother, and I thank you! See you in 2 weeks for some more hand holding. Peace!!

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