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The Motofit Group is a motorcycle track day and rider training center based in the Northwest corner of the United States.   We host motorcycle training events at two of the most technically challenging road courses in the country. Our highly trained staff enables motorcycle riders of all rider levels to improve skill and rider ability. We use a dynamic classroom, track time, one on one coaching, and technology to ensure your success as a rider. No matter where your interest in the sport is focused, touring to commuting, track training to professional roadracing, our goal is the same, help you develop a plan to get you where you want to be on a motorcycle. Learn safety, develop skill, increase confidence and rider ability.

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Two Up Teaching

“One of the many innovations in teaching we’ve developed is the technology to safely take a student through a race course at speed as a passenger. The video will give you a feel for what that experience feels like.”Rob Burch - Founder


The training I received from The Motofit Group allowed me to run with Sport Bikes on a closed road course. Rob’s demonstration on how to setup for a corner allowed me to maximize my lean angle while maintaining good traction. I have been attending Motofit training for 3 years and I have signed up for additional training on June 20.

David Krause

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